About us

The project AnCodea started in 2016. We set up the company in 2021, after a year of incubation and three years in an incubator. 

Thousands of professionals use AnCodea every day to facilitate the continuous improvement of their processes and services.

We advise and support you in digitizing your quality tools and processes through our collaborative quality software AnCodea.

Our customers are wonderful! We work hand in hand in a spirit of trust and co-construction. Our regular meetings are an opportunity to bring up new needs and share our multi-sector experience.

Groups or networked organizations, managing hundreds of structures and thousands of users in France and abroad, account for 54% of our customers, 27% are consultants and 19% are single-site companies.


The co-founders

Joëlle Burgau

A former marketing consultant, trained in new information technologies, Joëlle worked for 12 years in the tourism sector in France and abroad. She took part in several digital projects in the sector. She set up a consultancy in 2003 in Australia, where she has been living for several years, and continued her consultancy activity in France on her return in 2005.

Since 2018, alongside her work as a Quality software publisher, she has been designing and running voluntary web workshops for VSE managers as part of the DGE's France Num program.

In 2023, she launched Kalitaté, the 1st podcast dedicated to Quality Labels, which she hosts with the help of experts in the field!

Franck Destephen

Developer, IT architect, former head of the IT division of a mutual asset management company. Franck has solid experience in project management and architecture design. His various experiences have led him to design multi-platform systems that are interconnected, interactive and ergonomic, based on new technologies with strong security and reliability constraints. His role as an expert has also led him to maintain a constant technological watch to ensure the long-term viability of systems.